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Water-Air Heat Exchanger Tester

In order to reduce test time and improve data collection quality, Electromechanica, Inc. designed and assembled a test system for water-to-air heat exchanger assemblies. This LabVIEW based test equipment allows a single test operator to load and test one of these modules performing a full functional inspection. The large DUT is wheeled into the test bay on a cart and connections are made for power and control lines. Liquid connections are made via keyed quick disconnect fittings. Once the unit under test is connected the test bay door is closed to protect the test operator against electrical and pressure hazards.

This test system uses a large array of servo controlled valves to automatically fill and purge the DUT with water prior to testing. The DUTís pumps are spun up at which point current and RPM is verified. The system enters a filter routine to ensure any stray particles in the liquid paths are filtered to < 5 microns.

After filling, purging and filtering the system performes a series of precision flow verifications on each cooling channel to ensure proper flow. All results are automatically logged to the corresponding serial number of the DUT to provide full a full audit trail for test. Additionally all serial numbers for all major subassemblies on the DUT are also logged to this database.

Following flow testing a series of pressure/leak checks are automatically performed and the system purges all test liquid from the DUT prior to test completion.

Electromechanica is an established leader in the design of LabVIEW based automated test systems for a wide range of industries including industrial controls, safety systems, manufacturing automation & test.

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