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Miniature Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

Electromechanica, Inc. developed and prototyped this Li-ION power system for PinPoint Innovations, Inc. of Miami, FL. PinPoint contracted Electromechanica to design and produce prototypes of this hybrid power system to incorporate into their first generation portable RF based devices. The system provides complete charge management for a new high capacity Li-ION cell. A supercapacitor was designed into the system to allow this hybrid power pack to meet peak demands even well into the cell's discharge curve.

The driving factor in this design was the need for very high energy densities. Mechanical space and weight was limited requiring the electronics design to be optimized for minimal board real estate. Electromechanica worked with the client to develop the most effective way to incorporate all design requirements into the smallest space possible while keeping the project on schedule and on budget.

This project was done in conjunction with the Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

Key Benefits

  • Complete design solution
  • Delivered on schedule and on budget

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