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High Power Converter Test

Electromechanica designed and built high power (>18kW) test equipment to allow depot level functional diagnostics and subsequent burn-in test for rail car static converters. For this particular project test carts were developed to support testing of a Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS) and an Auxiliary Inverter (AI) at full power.

Specs for LVPS Test:

Input:      600VDC

Output:      37.5VDC @ 480A (18kW)
  Specs for AI Test:

Input:      600VDC

Output: 120VAC @ 133A (16kW)

A set of unique high power interconnects were custom designed to allow rapid test connections to be made to the input and output stud terminals. This cutting edge approach to high power connection ensures correct connection and prevents loose hardware from being required for the connections.

Safety systems were implemented and tested including:

  • Fully interlocked & keyed cabling
  • Fully enclosed arc/blast resistant test bay
  • Category 3 enclosure interlocking and status monitoring
  • Monitored capacitor bank discharge subsystem
  • Redundant safety rated residual voltage indicators
  • ANSI/NFPA 79 compliant safety systems including Emergency Power Off (EPO)
  • Integrated fixture self test diagnostics

Electromechanica is a proven leader in the design of high power test hardware for transportation industries including heavy rail, light rail and bus transit systems .

high_power_interconnect high_power_test_fixture high_voltage_distribution input_AC_distribution load_bank power_supply rail_BTE rail_test_stand static_converter_test

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