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Innovation. Commitment. Integrity. When you look for an engineering partner these are the characteristics that count. We at Electromechanica, Inc. deliver the designs, systems and service that have set us apart in the industry. Our company has grown by developing trust with our customers that is built on a solid reputation of producing quality designs and equipment and supporting our clients through the whole process and beyond.

Electromechanica, Inc. designs and delivers industry leading solutions for:

  • Functional Test Fixtures & Systems
  • Interface Test Adapters (ITA)
  • Medical Device Test Equipment
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Bio-med and Life Sciences Equipment
  • Alternative Renewable ‘Green’ Energy Test
  • Manufacturing Fixtures
  • Pipe Inspection Robots & Crawlers
  • Velocity of Detonation Instrumentation
  • Equipment for Energetic Materials Processing

Electromechanica, Inc provides engineering services, functional test systems, pipe inspection robotic systems and product design consulting for a wide variety of industries including:

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Defense, Marine and Aerospace
  • OEM and Contract Electronics Manufacturing
  • Bio-Medical Systems and Life Sciences
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Alternative and Renewable ‘Green’ Energy
  • Energetic and Explosive Materials Processing
  • Scientific Equipment Development
  • Educational and Research Organizations
  • Pipeline Construction & Inspection
  Recent Projects

Water-Air Heat Exchanger Tester

Electromechanica, Inc. designed and assembled a test system for water-to-air heat exchanger assemblies. This LabVIEW based test equipment allows a single test operator load and test one of these modules ... more on Water-Air Heat Exchanger Tester

Electronic Lock Test System

This manufacturing fixture was designed to meet the needs of a high security lock manufacturer that required 100% inspection and test of a high mix and high volume of lock models ... more on the Electronic Lock Test System

High Power Converter Test

Electromechanica designed and built high power (>18kW) test equipment to allow depot level functional diagnostics and subsequent burn-in test for rail car static converters ... more on High Power Converter Test


Karl Edminster
founder of Electromechanica, Inc.

Stephen Piché
SME Certified Manufacturing Technologist

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